After a lot of feedback from our customers and clients, we have revamped the client view! We are very excited about this because it will make the client experience seamless from login to checkout!

Browse Events

First thing we would like to point out is that when clients login either for the first time or have yet to register for anything, they will land on the list of all of the training you are currently running! This is the view that you see in the picture above. 

You can see on the left side that there are now different ways to filter through all the different events. You can filter by event type, event location, or age. Just click on the arrow to the right of the category and a drop down will appear. 

You will see on the list of all your training that we have changed openbooking events to show their session duration instead of dates. For fixed events, they show the dates the event runs from as well as the day of the week that they event starts on. 

My Schedule

When a client registers for an event, that event will now appear in there My Schedule list. It looks similar to how it does on the Browse Events list with the session duration showing.

You are also able to filter through your registered events like you can with all events, but with the addition of filtering by attendee. If you a client has multiple athletes attached to their account they can click on a particular athlete and see the specific events that athlete is registered for.  Just click on the arrow to the right of the category and a drop down will appear. 


If a client wants to purchase a membership, all they have to do is click on the Memberships tab and it will look similar to how it did before!

Note: Checkout and Account Settings have remained the same with this update!

Have a question on this update or feedback for us? Click the green button to email our Customer Success Team at!

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