Now that you're on Upper Hand 2.0, you're surely wondering, "What now?".  

The below articles highlight some of the major differences that you need to know in respect to using the new Upper Hand 2.0.

Note: If you're new to Upper Hand altogether, please use the Getting Started section of the Upper Hand Knowledge Base.

Enhanced Client Experience

We know that the key to your business being successful, is directly correlated with the success of your clients.  As such, we put years and years of client feedback and industry experience to work, developing a first in class experience for your clients.

We recognize that it's critical for you to know what's changing in respect to your client's experience using Upper Hand.  Below are some key items to note:

  • Over 70% of clients that register for training on Upper Hand do so on a mobile device.  As such, we have now empowered your clients with a New Mobile App available for both Android and iOS!  Note: This app is also available for staff and business admins.
  • One Account, Multiple Profiles so that multiple parents don't have to have separate accounts and/or shared logins.
  • One Event View for all events.  As soon as they log in to their account, they will be able to toggle between Enrolled Events and All Events, so that they can quickly see what they're registered for and what events your business has for sale.
  • Smart Search and Filters allows your client to search for your events by event name, or quickly filter on event status and/or event type.
  • We've made significant Scheduling Improvements for open booking events which should reduce the number of clients that pay, but never schedule.
  • Buy More or Reschedule directly from the event registration page.  Note: Rescheduling is only available for open booking events.
  • Easily update desired Billing Information directly from their account settings.
  • Profile Images can now be uploaded by clients for themselves and client dependents, allowing you to put a name to a face for new and existing clients.

Other Important Change to Note:

  • Text Notifications/In-App Messaging are no longer available for clients, staff or business admins.  We're in the process of making some very exciting communication tools that will be coming this Spring.  Stay tuned.

For further information, here is our newly built Client Knowledge Base that you can reference for more information on the newly improved client experience.


In general, Upper Hand 2.0 was built with the idea that not every sports business is run the same way, and that our customers need flexibility to customize to their unique needs.  The new event creation platform is a highlight of this train of thought as we now allow customers to name and customize events based on the way they run them.  

Creating Events

It's easier than ever to create a new event on Upper Hand 2.0.  We have simplified the event creation process by taking 5 event types, and consolidating them in to 2 types.  Moving forward, the green + sign seen in the navigation bar can be used to create new events, add new clients and staff, etc.  This essentially replaces the book icon in the old application.  Below are key highlights of new events on Upper Hand 2.0:

  • Added Flexibility in creating different event types.
  • Simplified User Experience so that you can have your events up and running in minutes.
  • Manage Locations straight from the event creation process.
  • Advanced Open Booking Scheduling.
  • Advanced Staff Availability with double booking protection.
  • Market Events directly from the event creation process.
  • Smart Event Restrictions.
  • Pricing Automations that provide the ability to create payment plans for fixed schedule events and flexible pricing options for open booking events.
  • Event Specific Custom Registration Fields.
  • If you don't have all of your event details lined up, no problem, as you can Save Now, Finish Later.

Managing Events

We received a lot of feedback from you that the Manage Events table was confusing and difficult to use.  We have drastically improved the Manage Events section to allow for easy navigation to get to the important details that you need to see.  Below are highlights of the new event management section:

  • Smart Search and Filters allow you to search for your events by event name, or quickly filter on event status and/or event type.  This is very helpful if you have several events that you need to sift through quickly.
  • Business Intelligence allows you to quickly see the Number of Buyers and Revenue for each event.
  • Download Rosters directly from your events.
  • Enjoy Advanced Granularity as you can now search buyers, see the number of credits they have used/available for open booking events, number of transactions and client dependents registered.
  • Simplified Schedule View that allows you to quickly see the participants for each open booking session.

Below are helpful articles on how to create and manage events:

Calendar View

The new Upper Hand 2.0 calendar simplifies the calendar view by showing each staff member, and their respective calendars side by side, on a daily basis.  Below are some highlights:

  • By toggling the "Availability" button in the top right of your screen, you can see when the staff members are available.
  • Advanced Filter options allow you to filter on event type and status.
  • Business Intelligence quickly shows you how many clients you have training with and how much revenue you are bringing in on that day.

Contact Management

You can now manage your clients and staff in an all in one contacts section.  Below are key highlights of the contact management section of Upper Hand 2.0:

  • Quick Invite functionality, allowing you to simply click the blue "Invite" button in the top right to send cleanly formatted invite emails to either clients or staff.
  • Smart Search to quickly narrow down clients that you need to pull more information on.
  • Quick Click client profile access.
  • Manage Staff Availability so that you and your team can all be on the same page.
  • Simple Invite Reminders to make sure invites don't fall through the cracks.

Below are some helpful articles for Contact Management:

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Representative, or don't hesitate to contact us at!

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