As always, we have been busy making our software the top in its class! We wanted to show you some of the additions that we've made!

We believe in constant innovation, and as such, we’re excited to announce our newest product updates as of 9/22/17.

Edit Contacts

You now have the ability to edit your contacts' information. Did a client spell their name wrong? Or did they enter the wrong date of birth? You now have the ability to go in and edit this for them, at any time! 

Navigate to your contacts page and simply click on the contact name and select edit in the upper right hand corner. Yes, it really is that easy!

Single Session Purchase in Point of Sale

We have added the ability for you to complete an individual session or fixed event purchase for your clients, through point of sale. This works the same way it would for the client-side of checkout.

Here is an article that walks you through how clients purchase an individual session.

In Cart Reminder

You may have noticed that when you view an event, you can see "1 in cart" next to a clients name, showing that they are yet to complete the purchase. You are now able to click the blue Remind button to send the individual an email reminding them that this event is in their cart and directing them to finish check out.

Note: You are only able to send one reminder email every 24 hours. 

Performance Upgrade

For you non-techie people: we have recently made some performance improvements that will allow you and your clients to spend less time waiting on things to load! 

For you techie people: we have reconfigured things so that we are sending less information over the network. We are getting the code and data to you faster because there are fewer bytes being sent over the wire. So not only will you receive data and code faster, but you should also receive fewer unexpected end-of-file errors. 

Coming Up!

  • Memberships: we are very close to launching this game changing feature so stay tuned! To give you a taste of the sweetness that you are about to have access to, here is a little teaser!

In addition to the memberships platform, you can  expect to see these updates in the coming weeks:

  • Staff Members will soon have the ability to create and edit events. This will allow them to change and update their availability for specific events. 
  • You are currently able to edit your clients general information, but soon you will be able to edit their street address as well. 
  • Scheduling of purchased events - As of right now, you are able to schedule and purchase events for your clients through Point of Sale, but soon you will have the ability to schedule sessions that your clients have purchased!
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