BIG things have been happening at Upper Hand and we are so excited to tell you about them!

We believe in constant innovation, and as such, we’re excited to announce our newest product updates as of 8/1/17!


We are very excited about this radical update to the landing page of the Upper Hand platform. This feature allows you and your clients to get a quick overview of all of the upcoming events and training programs that you have going! In addition, clients can view any announcement that you have posted!

This is what you and your staff will see!

This is what your clients will see!

Single Session Purchases

Do you have a multi-day camp or clinic that, but want to allow clients to purchase individual sessions versus the whole event? We recently launched a Single Session Purchase feature. This allows you as an admin to set a price for a single session of an event, and then when your clients check out, they can purchase the full event or single sessions of their choice!

Note: This is only available for fixed events and when you allow single session purchase, you are unable to create a pricing package automation.

To set this up, go into edit the event and navigate to the pricing tab. Under your total earnings you can check the box that says "Allow single session purchase." Here you are able to enter the price at which clients can purchase each individual session. 

For help navigating Single Session Purchase, click here for step-by-step instructions!

Point of Sale

Incase you haven’t heard or given it a try, we recently launched a HUGE feature that is truly a game changer for our customers! Point of sale makes it easier than ever to register clients over the phone or on the spot at an event. You are able to be more in control of registration at your sports business. You can create, register and charge clients on the spot anywhere, from any device!

Note: If you have staff members, they are also able to use this point of sale feature!

For help navigating point of sale, view click here for step-by-step instructions!

Shopping Cart Updates

We are always working to improve software navigation, so you may have noticed recent changes to some of the language used throughout the checkout process. These changes aim to make the checkout experience smoother for you and your clients!

Staff Event View

Do you want your staff to be able to view the roster and schedule of events that they are assigned to? Well now they can! Staff members can view the schedule and download the roster for their assigned events. They also are able to see the contacts report. This is a feature that we have been working on to make it easier for your staff members to be able to view all of the events that they are assigned to! 


Glad you asked! Here's one of the features we are currently working on to make your business even more successful...

  • Memberships!

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