We believe in constant innovation here at Upper Hand, and as such, we’re excited to announce our newest product updates!

Enhanced Revenue Reporting Charts: 

Many of you are probably aware of our Sports Business Intelligence add-on that provides you, as a business owner, better information to make decisions. We are now introducing some free revenue charts, built directly into Upper Hand!  

These new charts allow you to quickly see how your business revenue is trending over time. Enabling you to make better financial and marketing decisions based on your historical revenue trends.

Date Specific Scheduling:

One of the most requested features, by far, has been more flexibility in scheduling availability. For instance, let’s say you’re available from 1-5pm on one Thursday and 2-7p the next, in the past, you were stuck with a consistent schedule. With Date Specific Scheduling, you can easily put in your varying availability while scheduling your events.

More (and Better!) Client Data:

Let’s start off small. We’ve made emails & phone numbers clickable. As an example, if you’re wondering why a client is late for a training, you can open the app, find the client, and click on the phone number to call them automatically.

Now for the big stuff. When you click on a client’s name, you’ll see a sidebar appear from the right. In this sidebar, you’ll notice two tabs; Info & Events.

This new events tab will show all of the events that a client is registered for. In addition to showing what a client has registered for, you’re now able to remove them from events using the trashcan button. There are two ways to remove a client from an event; *Unscheduling & Deleting.*

  • Unscheduling: This will remove a client from a scheduled event, but allow them to keep their credit. A good use case for this is for events that need to be randomly cancelled. Let’s say someone signed up for an outdoor training but the weather is bad. You can unschedule their training and allow them to keep the credit that they purchased.
  • Deleting: This will allow you to remove a client from a scheduled event without returning their credit. This is perfect if someone cancels a training after your cancellation period. This will remove them from your rosters, but make sure that the credit is not returned to the client.

If you ever have any product feedback, please let us know by reaching out to support@getupperhand.com.  We're always happy to help!

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