It's been a busy Holiday Season for the Upper Hand Development Team!  As such, we have some spirited new features, improvements and bug fixes to announce to you.

Cancel Recurring Payments

From 1.0 to 2.0, our customers have yet to have the ability to cancel recurring payments.  Until now!  In an effort to continue to develop new features that empower your business to operate with ease, we have created the ability for you as a business admin to cancel scheduled recurring payments.

For more information on how to cancel scheduled recurring payments, click here.

Add Event Card (Shopping Cart)

Our product team has some pretty powerful tools that they use to constantly learn how we can improve key processes within the application.  We noticed that clients were having an extremely difficult time when trying to purchase more than one event.  Specifically, they struggled to get back to see all of the events, and then add another event/membership to their cart.

As such, we launched an "Add Event Card" in the shopping cart which makes it extremely easy for clients to purchase multiple events.  

Cancel Client's Membership

It happens - clients unfortunately will need to cancel their membership at some point in time.  We used decades of membership-based business knowledge to develop a best practices cancel membership feature that allows you to cancel a client's membership either now, or at the end of their billing cycle!

To learn more about how to cancel a client's membership, click here.

Delete Membership

We understand that as a business, your offerings change.  As a result of these changes, you may need to delete a membership entirely.

Now on Upper Hand, we give your business the flexibility to delete memberships entirely from your offering.  For more information on deleting a membership, click here.

Active Membership Client Interface

We now easily show clients what profiles they have enrolled in each membership.

Further, by clicking on the individual member, they can now see additional details such as their next payment date and membership benefits.

Want to join in on all of the membership fun? Reach out to your Customer Success Rep or email us at support here!

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