New features and updates are constantly rolling out here at Upper Hand! We want to show you some of the additions that we recently made, as well as some features that are just around the corner!

We believe in constant innovation, and as such, we’re excited to announce our newest product updates as of 11/22/17.

New Account Creation Process

We have redone the view your new clients see when creating an account. After researching trouble-spots during the client checkout process, we were able to pinpoint account creation as a place for improvement. With this revamped process, new clients will start out on the right foot when entering your Upper Hand account, being lead seamlessly through the software. 

At the top, clients will be asked if they are the parent/guardian or the participant. If they are the parent/guardian, they will be prompted to enter all of their information and then be taken to a page to create a profile for their athlete. If they are the participant, they will enter their information and be sent direclty to your events!

Messaging to Fixed Events and Contact Groups

If you haven't heard already, you are now able to message contacts who have registered for a fixed event or message an entire contact group!

This article walks you through how to do this. You are able to enter a subject line, write a custom message and choose to send it now or schedule it for later.

This should save you and your staff countless hours by streamlining the communication process with you and your clients. 


You've probably already heard about this HUGE feature that we launched a few weeks ago, but we are so excited about it that we thought it was worth mentioning again!

Want to know how to navigate memberships? This article walks you through how to create a membership, and this article walks you through how to edit and manage your memberships. 

Want to join in on all of the membership fun? Reach out to your Customer Success Rep or email us at support here

Archiving Clients

We have now given you the ability to mark contacts deleted, or as we call it archived! We have done this so that if you want to unarchive a contact you can easily do so! This article walks you through archiving steps!

Advanced Double Booking Protection

Worried about being double booked? We have now added another layer of protection to ensure that you and your staff are unable to be double booked both in your open booking and fixed events!

We have updated our software so that if you have a staff member assigned to one event, but remove them and add them to another event, the system is smart enough to remove the old event's availability and add the new events availability to that staff member's account!

Also, if you assign a staff member to an open booking event, but they are already assigned to a fixed event that has overlapping days/times or they are booked for an open booking session, the system will notify you that the staff member is now double booked. This allows you to avoid future headaches of staff being double booked, and client frustrations.

Recent Bug Fixes

  • Waiver Reports: We have fixed an error that was occurring in the waiver reports. When you view this report, it will automatically filter to all clients.
  • Transaction Reports: We have cleaned up and fixed an error that was occurring with future recurring payments.
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