We are thrilled to announce the following new product updates at Upper Hand!

Turn off Client Scheduling

In alignment with our goal of empowering sports & fitness businesses, Upper Hand now allows you as the business owner to decide whether or not you'd like to entirely control the scheduling process for open booking events!  This is an ideal feature for sports training & fitness businesses that have complex set ups and need to have more control over the scheduling of their resources.  

For more information on how to turn off client scheduling, click here.

Public Memberships Page

In addition to completely revamping the client portal, we have now added a public memberships page!  This allows you as a business to directly link all of your memberships with a single URL on your website!

To learn more about how to link your memberships to your website, click here.

Easy Membership Marketing

We understand that you have to be able to get the word out there about your offerings!  We've now made it easier than ever for you to directly invite clients to register for your memberships from any device!

For more information on marketing your memberships, click here.

Other Enhancements

  • Training Location: We have now added the physical training location to both the event landing/registration pages as well as all receipt emails so that your clients can easily navigate to the respective training location.
  • Open Booking Enhancements: If you use Open Booking Events, you may notice that sessions are now attached to a specific profile, vs being open.  We found that by not assigning them to a profile in the beginning, many problems downfield were caused.  This enhancement creates a more stable environment for all Upper Hand users and will allow our engineering team to develop faster, more stable features in the future!

Want to join in on all of the membership fun? Reach out to your Customer Success Rep or email us at support here!

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