New features and updates are constantly being rolled out here at Upper Hand! We want to show you some of the additions that we've made recently as well as some features that are just around the corner!

We believe in constant innovation, and as such, we’re excited to announce our newest product updates as of 10/18/17.

Scheduling Purchased Sessions

We are very excited about this feature! The new functionality allows you to schedule sessions that your clients have purchased, but not yet scheduled.  Without this feature, you would have no way of updating your calendar/schedule with the purchased sessions that the client may have scheduled outside of the system with you via phone or in person.  No more - feel free to schedule away!

This article walks you through how to schedule those!

Marking Events Deleted

We have now given you the ability to mark your events deleted. This will help you keep your event offerings view nice and clean so that you can quickly navigate to the events that you need access to more easily.

This article walks you through how to mark these events. 

Editing Client Profiles

Did your client enter incorrect data when creating their profile?  It happens!  With this new feature, you are now able to edit their profile for your clients.

  1. Navigate to your contact list.
  2. Click on a clients name.
  3. Click edit. 

Note: you are able to edit all information except the clients email address. 

Recent Bug Fixes

  • Dashboard Announcement Error: You are now able to post announcements for your clients to see when they log into their account.
  • Email Case Sensitivity: When an account was created, the email entered during account creation had to be entered identically when logging in (case sensitive). We have simplified this so that if someone creates an account with a capital letter and tries to login using a lower case letter, they will be able to log into their account. No case-sensitive requirements! 
  • Custom Waivers: Some custom waivers were not populating properly. This issue has been resolved and whenever an admin sets up a custom waiver, this waiver will override the Upper Hand waiver.
  • Editing Staff Availability Resulting in Double Booking: With this bug, when a client booked a slot and a staff member's availability was updated, the slot was reopening. This issue has been resolved and staff members should not get double booked.

Coming Up!

  • Memberships: This feature will be live next week!! To give you a taste of the what memberships can do for you, please let us know at if you'd like a demo of this new add-on feature!  We're offering a limited time discount for the first 50 customers that sign up.
  • Deleting Contacts: Testing transactions to view the client experience?  Have a client that has graduated or moved?  This feature will give you the ability to delete those contacts so that you can focus on only your current clients!
  • User Experience During Account Creation: After reviewing mountains of data and listening to your clients' feedback, we are happy to announce some significant changes coming to the client account creation process!  We are enhancing our account creation process to address confusion that has been happening with creating an athlete or parent account. We believe this will help solve a lot of problems with assigning an athlete to an event during checkout. We anticipate these changes will go live next week!

If you ever have any product feedback, please let us know by reaching out to  We're always happy to help!

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