So you're in the process of creating your account in Upper Hand and you come across this little screen that says "Create Additional Profiles" and a question pops into your head, "Do I need an additional profile?" Well, if you're looking for answers, you've come to the right place!

This article will give you a few scenarios to help you determine if you'll need one or more profiles.

I'm an Athlete

As an athlete, there's no need to create an additional profile. Just skip this page and get to training!

I'm a Parent Registering My Child/Children

To make it easy to register your child, or multiple children, for training you'll need each child to have their own individual profiles.

Just enter their name, date of birth, and gender. This makes it easier at checkout, so you can put your child's name down as the one attending events, camps, clinics, or lessons.

If you have multiple children this makes it easier to buy lessons in bulk and then assign certain children to specific dates and times!

At the bottom of the creating a profile page, there is a box you can click on to allow your child to have their own log in. Based on your discretion, you can enable this separate login for your child by entering an email address and clicking "Enable Separate Login for Profile." This will allow your child to login and view training that has been booked. (We typically recommend this feature to children above the age of 16.)

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