Refine Your Search

1 - Select Filter

Log into your Upper Hand account and under the different tabs, you will see different filter criteria on the left hand side of the page. 

2 - Select Event Status

Under Event Status, select the status of the events you would like to view

Ex: If you only want to see completed events select Completed

3 - Select Event Type

Under Event Type, select the type of event you would like to view

Ex: Select Camp if you would only like to view available camps

4 - Select Location

Use Location filters to see only events offered at a specific location.

5 - Enter Age

Use Age filters to see only events offered for a specific age group.

6 - Select Attendee

Under Attendee, you are able to filter the events you are registered for to see what athlete is registered for what event by selecting their name. 

Need help filtering your event view? Click the green button to email our Customer Success Team at!

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