Scheduling Sessions from Checkout

Other ways sessions, also referred to as credits, can be scheduled:

1 - Select Event

Select the event you would like to register. Select Purchase in the registration page of that event.

2 - Select Profile

Click the existing profile or add a new profile by clicking the "Select Profile" drop-down.

3 - Select Package

This could be one lesson, or 100 small group training sessions.  This will vary from business to business, but regardless simply select the package that you would like to purchase by clicking the "Select Package" drop-down.

4 - Schedule Session

After selecting the package, click "Schedule Now".  Now, use Select Date to choose which date you would like to attend training. Next, click Select Time to choose which time you would like to train.

5 - Save Session

Lastly, click Save Session.

Tip: If you haven't created a profile for your athlete, you have the option to create New Profile in the drop down menu.  You can also Add Another Attendee by clicking that text at the bottom.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 to schedule multiple sessions. If you have multiple sessions, but are unsure of the exact dates you want your athlete to attend, you are able to purchase the sessions and book them at a later date by clicking "Continue to Cart" or "Schedule Later".

6 - Continue to cart

Select the green Continue to Cart button to continue to your shopping cart.

Tip: Some events may require you to Complete Registration before you can continue to payment. 

7 - Complete Payment

Select Continue to Payment to select your payment method and purchase your event.

Need help scheduling and booking sessions? Click the green button to email our Customer Success Team at!

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