Do you want to confirm you are registered for the events you think you are? Did you register awhile ago, or even last week, and forget which sessions you signed up for? This article will walk you through how to see what events and sessions you are registered for!

Your Registered Events

  1. Log into your Upper Hand account.
  2. You will land on a page that says "Browse Events". Listed is all of the training that the academy is currently running. 
  3. Click on "My Schedule". Listed are all of the events you are currently registered for. 

4. If you have registered for a fixed event, that will be listed along with the dates, day of the week that it starts on, and price.

5. If you have registered for a open booking event, it will be listed along with the length of the session and the price. If you click on the event, you will be able to see all of the sessions you have booked. The page you will be directed to, will show the details of the event along with the dates and times of your booked lessons.

Tip: Here you are also able to book the rest of your sessions, if you haven't scheduled them all yet. Here you are also able to purchase more sessions, if you do not have any left to schedule. 

Need help scheduling your unschedule sessions, this article will talk you through how to do that!

Need help confirming your event registration? Click the green button to email our Customer Success Team at! 

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