In alignment with our goal of empowering sports & fitness businesses, Upper Hand now allows you as the business owner to decide whether or not you'd like to entirely control the scheduling process for open booking events.

A few things to note prior to starting:

  1. Upper Hand is best utilized when clients have the ability to schedule.  By default, Upper Hand is turned on for client scheduling.
  2. Before turning off the ability for your clients to schedule, we strongly recommend you familiarize with our Point of Sale feature.
  3. Clients will still have the ability to purchase sessions, they just won't be able to schedule those sessions on their own.

Below is a step by step on how to turn on/off scheduling for your clients:

  1. Navigate to your Settings tab
  2. On your far right, click on Preferences
  3. Click the radio button to control scheduling for your clients.  Note: Blue = Clients cannot schedule Grey = Clients can schedule.
  4. Click Save.

Need help cancelling recurring payments?  Click the green button to email our Customer Success Team at!

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