In this lesson we'll learn how to create an open event. Open events allow your clients to purchase sessions, often referred to as credits, that can be used to buy time to work with your staff. This is perfect for 1 on 1 lessons, group sessions, flexible training programs, classes and drop-in sessions!

Event & Location:

  1. Click Events on the top left side of your screen and click on New Event in the drop down menu. 
  2. It will take you to a new screen where you create your event. Add an event title, event type, and select a location.

Tip: you can create a new event type and new location by clicking +New Event Type or +New Location in the drop downs of each category.

3. Select the Open Booking event type. 

Private Events are perfect for special purchasing circumstances! Let's say a client reaches out with questions about financial aid for your camp or some of your staff has relatives who want to register for your camp. You can create a private event for these special circumstances with modified prices specifically tailored to your client's needs. Turn this on by sliding the button to the right.

There are two types of events options available when creating an event in Upper Hand.

  • Open Booking Event - Open events allow your clients to purchase credits that can be used to buy time to work with your staff. This is perfect for 1 on 1 lessons, group sessions, flexible training programs, classes and drop-in sessions!
  • Fixed Booking Event - A fixed event has a specific start and end date and time. This is perfect for Camps, Clinics or pre-scheduled training programs. 

Keep going if you're looking to book an Open Event. If you're looking to book a Fixed Event, check out Camps & Clinics: How To Create a Fixed Event.


  1. Choose a Start and End Date: You can click the Indefinite box beneath the Start date to remove an end date and make your event continuous.
  2. Weekly Availability: Select what days you'll be available weekly. 

Tip: This will repeat weekly. So if you want to have a weekly Monday lesson, only click on Monday. The box will turn blue with a check mark when you make it available. The days will also have a blue circle on them in the calendar on the right side of the page to show you are available. 

3. Choose a session duration: This will be the timeframe for each training. So if you want every lesson to last an hour, enter 1 hour. 

4. Choose your "Daily Time" availability: There are two options when adding your daily time Availability; General Availability or Day Specific Availability.

General Availability allows you to specify a time that you will be available for all of your days. 

  • Example: If you set the daily time from 5-6pm and you have availability on Mondays, you are available to be scheduled from 5-6pm every Monday. 

Day Specific Availability allows you to tailor each day's schedule to compensate for differences in availability.

  • Example: If you're available from 12-1pm on Monday and 3-4pm on Wednesday you are able to set those times for those days and clients will only be able to schedule you for those times on those days. 

5. Choose a Scheduling Interval: this is where you are able to choose how often people are able to book you. If you choose every 30 min, someone can book you from 8:30-9:30 and then someone else can book you from 10-11. 

Tip: We normally recommend scheduling your interval and your session duration for the same amount time, so that you don't have awkward time gaps where no one can schedule you. For example: the 30 mins from 9:30-10 between your two hour long lessons. 


Individual registration

  • An individual registration is perfect for one on one training
  • Available restrictions include:
    Age: Minimum and maximum age requirements. 

Group registration

  • A group registration is perfect for events where more than one person can register.
  • Available restrictions include:
    Event Size: You don't need to enter a minimum of athletes, but you are required to enter a maximum number of athletes.
    Gender: You can make your event coed or specific to a gender.
    Age: Minimum and maximum age requirements. 

Scheduling Staff for an Event

Below the restrictions section, you'll see a drop down that will allow allow you to schedule specific staff members to an event. They must be available for the dates and times the event is set up for. You will not be able to schedule staff who have not set up their availability. (For more information on Setting Staff Availability see this article.)


To set pricing, type in your list price and our app will calculate your earnings for you. By clicking the Free Event box at the top, you can make your event completely free (If you're really math savvy, the formula we use to calculate your earnings is at the bottom of this article).

Package Pricing

Package Pricing is perfect for giving discounts when someone purchases more than one training session.

  1. Press the blue Automation button.
  2. The automation menu will pop out of the right side of the screen. Press the blue Add button.
  3. Type in Option Name, Option Description & Quantity.


4. When you've added your desired number of packages, press Save to store your automation options. (You can create however many options you want and set them for the price you want!) Example: 

5. Once you've added your package pricing, you'll see a breakdown of your package payments and your total earnings.


  1. Add an Event Description: The event description will be shown on the event page to give an in-depth understanding and details of what the event will entail. You can also include pricing information, dates and times.
  2. Add an Event Image: Most coaches like to use an event flyer over a simple picture. (If you need help designing a flyer, check out Canva) Images must be smaller than 3 megabytes and cannot be in a .pdf format.


The registration section allows you to chose what information you'd like to collect about athletes when they sign up.

  1. Choose from the Registration Field Categories on the left side.
  2. Click the drop down underneath the category to see all options.
  3. After selecting a field, it will appear on the right side of the screen. 

Tip: Make a field required, click the check box next to the field, beneath the "Event Form Fields". You can choose as many fields as you like.

Posting Your Event

  • To save your event, press the Save button on the top right side. This will not make the event live, it will just save it as a draft.
  • When you're ready to post your event to the public, press the Post button on top right side.
  • If you click Preview, you will be able to see the event the way your clients see the event.  

How we calculate the money you'll make!


  • L = list price
  • P = percentage
  • F = fixed rate fee
  • E = earnings
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