In this lesson we'll learn how to create a fixed event. A fixed event has a specific start and end date and time. This is perfect for Camps, Clinics or pre-scheduled training programs. 

Event & Location:

  1. Click on Events on the top left side of the menu and select New Event in drop menu. 
  2. Add an Event Title, Event Type, and Select a Location.
  3. Select the Fixed Schedule event type.

Private Events are perfect for special purchasing circumstances! Let's say a parent reaches out with questions about financial aid for your camp or a fellow coach has relatives who want to register for your camp. You can create a private event for these special circumstances with modified prices.

There are two types of events options available when creating an event in Upper Hand.

  • Open Booking Event - Open events allow your clients to purchase sessions, also referred to as credits, that can be used to buy time to work with your staff. This is perfect for 1 on 1 lessons, group sessions, flexible training programs, classes and drop-in sessions!
  • Fixed Booking Event - A fixed event has a specific start and end date and time. This is perfect for Camps, Clinics or pre-scheduled training programs. 

Keep going if you're looking to book a Fixed Event. If you're trying to book a Open Event, check out Personal Training: How to Create an Open Event.


  1. Choose a start and end date. You have the option to allow these events to repeat weekly. This is perfect for a weekly training camp that runs during summer months.
  2. Choose start & end times: If you need each day to have a specific start and end times, click the "Day specific" button. You are able to add multiple start and end times to a specific day. This is perfect for giving lunch breaks or having morning and evening trainings.
  3. Add Blackout Days: If your scheduling a weekly camp that lasts all summer, but still want to go on vacation, don't worry! Using blackout days, you can block off specific days in the middle of your scheduled days.


Group registration

  • Group registration is perfect for camps and clinics where more than one person can register.

Available restrictions include:

  • Event Size: Set the maximum number of athletes that you can allow to attend.
  • Gender: You can restrict it to a specific gender.
  • Age: You can set age restrictions for who can attend the event. 

Individual registration

  • An individual registration is perfect for one to one training.

Available options include:

  • Age minimum & maximum: You can set age restrictions for who can attend the event. 

Scheduling Staff for an Event

Below the restrictions section, you'll see a drop down that will allow allow you to schedule available staff members to an Event. You will not be able to schedule staff who have not set up their availability. (For more information on Setting Staff Availability see this article.)


To set pricing, type in your list price and our app will calculate your earnings. By pressing the Free Event button at the top, you can make your event completely free. (If you're really math savvy, the formula we use is at the bottom of this article)

Payment Automation

Payment automation is perfect for creating payment plans!

  1. Press the Automation button.
  2. The automation menu will pop out of the right side of the screen. Press the Add button.
  3. Click Create Plan
  4. Type in Plan Name
  5. Choose Date & Amount for Payment.
  6. If you'd like to add more than one payment, press Add Payment
  7. When you've added your desired number of payments, press Save to store that automation. (You can create more than one payment automation for your events.)
  8. Press Save to save your automations. (Once you've added your recurring payments, you'll see a breakdown of your recurring payments and your total earnings.)

Tip: This is perfect if you want parents to be able to pay the full price over multiple different payments and dates, or if you want to have your clients pay a down payment you can create that here!

Note: You are also able to allow clients to purchase single sessions of the event if you would like!

  1. Check the box Allow single sessions purchase.
  2. Enter price you want to charge per single session. 


  1. Add an Event Description: The event description will be shown on the event page to give an in depth understanding of what is offered at the event.
  2. Add an Event Image: Most coaches like to use an event flyer over a simple picture. (If you need help designing a flyer, check out Canva). Images must be smaller than 3 megabytes and cannot be in a .pdf format.


The registration section allows you to chose what information you'd like to collect about athletes when they sign up.

  1. Choose a Registration Field Category.
  2. Click the drop down underneath the category to see all options.
  3. After selecting a field, it will appear on the right side of the screen. To Make a field required, click the check box next to the field, beneath the "Event Form Fields" and your clients will not be able to checkout without first filling out this information.

Posting Your Event

  • To save your event, just press the Save button on the top right side
  • When you're ready to post your event to the public, press the Post button on top right side.

How we calculate the money you'll make!


  • L = list price
  • P = percentage
  • F = fixed rate fee
  • E = earnings
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