Editing a Membership

To edit a membership, navigate to your memberships page. 

Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the membership you are looking to edit. Then click Edit in the drop down. 

You can also edit the membership by clicking to view the membership, then click the pencil icon under the name of the membership.

You are able to edit anything in the membership. You can change the name, description, price, join fee, color, etc. 

Managing a Membership

There are many ways to manage a membership. Navigate to your memberships page and click View on the membership you are wanting to view. 

This view shows you what clients are registered for this membership and how many days they have been registered. It will show you the price, the revenue per month, and the number of clients registered.

You can see what membership a client is registered for by clicking on their name. A side bar will pop out to the right listing what membership they are enrolled in as well as when they are going to be charged next. 

In your contacts, you can see what memberships your clients are enrolled in by the color that is by their avatar.

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