Just when you thought the software couldn't get any better, we've launched the ability to sell memberships! 

You are able to access this feature from anywhere in the application.

  1. Click on Memberships, located on the left side of the screen. 

2. At the top click on + Create New Membership

Tip: You can also get here by clicking the green + in the upper right hand corner and selecting New Membership in the drop down. 

3.  Enter the name you want to give this membership.

4. Next, enter all of the information that you want your clients to know about this specific membership in the description.

5. You are able to make this membership private by clicking the box Invite-only membership

Note: if a membership is private, your clients will not be able to see it unless you send them the URL to register for it. This works the same way private events do!

6. Pricing. Here is where you can set the price of the membership and set it to charge monthly, yearly, or once.

7. You are able to add a One-time Join Fee. This is a fee that will be added onto the price and they will only be charged the day they sign up.

8. You can also Require Commitment Length which will lock your members into this membership for a a certain period of time. This can be set for 3, 6, or 12 months. 

9. Next, choose the color that you want to assign this specific membership. Click on Select Color and choose the specific tone. 

10. On the right side, you are able to choose a specific event type that this membership will be exclusive to. 

Note: This means that if you set a membership to be exclusive to lessons, they have to be registered for this membership in order to register for an event with lessons set as the event type.

Note: You are able to choose no event type, one event type, or multiple!

Tip: Athletes can only be enrolled in one membership at a time!

Need help creating a membership? Click the green button to email our Customer Success Team at support@getupperhand.com!

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