Are you wanting to remove a contact from your contacts list? Well we have now given you the ability to archive contacts!  A few things to note:

  1. Archived contacts will still show up in your contact groups, however they're unable to receive marketing emails.
  2. If you need to un-archive a contact, this can be done using the same three dots to archive, only you will do this from the "Archived" tab.
  3. If you archive a primary account (i.e. parent), all managed profiles (i.e. athletes) will be archived as well.

Navigate to your contacts list. You will see three dots on the far right side next to each contact. Click those three dots, then click archive. 

To view archived contacts, navigate to your contacts page and click the Archive tab on the far right. 

If you want to unarchive a contact, click the three dots on the far right side and click Unarchive. 

Need help deleting a contact? Click the green button to email our Customer Success Team at!

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