Now that you've created some Events, we need to figure out how to put them on your website. There are tons of ways to add links to a website that vary in complexity. We'll cover a few methods of adding a link to a website in this article. Note: This may not help on every website, but should cover most situations.

Getting your Event link

  1. Click on Events > All Events on the left navigation bar.
  2. Check the box on the left side of the event that you'd like to market.
  3. Click the Action ⋮ button on the top right side of the Event listing page.
  4. Click View.

5. Right click and copy the link displayed in the center of the screen next to the marketing tab. (see image below)

Adding your Event link to your site

Text Links
Many modern website designers will have features designed to make it easy to share links. Some sites will automatically turn a URL (ex. that's pasted onto the site into a link. Other sites will require you to specify that you want a certain bit of text to become a link. 

Most website editors will have a small icon that looks like to chain links stuck together 🔗. This icon will usually appear when you highlight a section of text that you'd like to turn into into a link.

Like adding text links, there are many methods for adding link buttons to a website. Some editors will have a link button that you can easily add to a link inside of a nice looking button.

If you're pretty savvy with HTML, you can use the methods below. 

Bulletproof Email Buttons
I'm a huge fan of fancy looking buttons, but they can be a bit hard. Thankfully, there's an awesome site that lets you create easy to use buttons. Check it out here!

Using a form

Using a form is a bit ugly, but it get's the job done!
Replace the following:
[INSERT LINK HERE] = Your link with "http://" added
[TITLE OF BUTTON] = The text that will be displayed on the button.

<form method="get" action="[INSERT LINK HERE]">
    <button type="submit">[TITLE OF BUTTON]</button>
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