Every athlete knows the hardest part of training is getting started. When it's 5 am and below freezing, those warm blankets seem to wrap you up a little tighter than you remembered the night before. But once you're out of bed, wearing your warmest hoodie, and three miles down the road, pounding the pavement in your favorite pair of running shoes, you wonder why you even thought about staying in bed.

Learning a new software is a similar experience. It's hard to take that leap; to pull yourself from the warm covers of an old excel spreadsheet and walk out your front door into a new world of possibilities. 

Thankfully, you're not alone. We're here to be your Mr. Miyagi, your Yoda, your Mighty Mick!

These trainings will cover what you need to get started. By the time you finish, you'll be ready for your first match! 

It's time for you to roll out of bed, lace up your sneakers, chug some coffee, and meet us out front for the first step of your journey! (Need some inspiration?)

Your Training Program:
Building Muscle: Setting Up Direct Deposit
Staying Consistent: Billing and Account Information
Cardio: Adding & Managing Locations
Cutting Weight: Creating & Managing Coupons

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