Q. I invited my staff as clients. Can I fix that?

A. At this point, you'll need to delete those people and send them an invite as a client.

Q: I accidentally cancelled an event, how can I set that back to active?

A: If you go into the event that you accidentally cancelled and click on post, it will revert the event back to active and repost it for you. 

Q: When I am creating an event, I click on Group to make my event a group event, but it keeps reverting back to Individual.
A: Make sure that you enter a max number of athletes that you allow to attend the event. If you leave it blank, it reverts the event back to an individual event. 

Q: I have added fields that I want my clients to be required to fill out during checkout, but they aren't being required.
A: Make sure that when you add fields to be required that you check the box next to the field so that your clients are not allowed to check out without filling those fields out. 

Q: I don't want to lose the price of the processing fee from the price that I set my event to. How can I avoid that?
A: During event creation, we recommend adding an extra $1-2 to help off set the processing fee that Stripe takes out.

Q: How do I reset my password?
A: If you click on the letter or picture in the upper right hand corner, a drop down menu will appear and you want to click on Account Settings. Here you are able to enter a new password. 

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