We love progress and we want to make you aware of some changes that we consider to be progress. Upper Hand, the app we have been using for scheduling and payment processing, has made some changes to their system. They've been redesigning their system from the ground up to more effectively respond to coaches and parents needs. This means getting new features and squishing bugs faster.

As with all with all progress, there are a few changes that we want to let you know about.

  1. There’s now an App! You heard that right. You can now schedule everything without leaving your iPhone or Android device. Just search for Upper Hand in your app stores.
  2. Same Username and Password, New website - If you’re not ready to jump on the app bandwagon just yet or you prefer booking online, you’re going to need to remember a slightly different website. Instead of visiting app.getupperhand.com, you’ll need to go to app.upperhand.io.
  3. app.upperhand.io
  4. ❌ app.getupperhand.com
  5. One Account, Multiple Profiles - That means that multiple parents don't have to have separate accounts and/or shared logins.
  6. One Event View for all events - As soon as you login, you will be able to toggle between Enrolled Events and All Events. Making it easy to see what you’re registered for and what’s for sale.
  7. Buy More or Reschedule directly from the event registration page. Note: Rescheduling is only available for open booking events.
  8. Smart Search and Filters - These allow you to search for events by name or quickly filter events based on status or type.

We know changes in technology can take time. Upper Hand is continually creating help documentation to make it easier for you to get help. They also provide free client support if you have any problems.

Help site: help.upperhand.io

Client support email: support@getupperhand.com

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