Making the change

A change in sports software or registration processes can be confusing to your clients.

The best way to avoid any friction is to communicate with your clients that you are making a change. This may be through email, text or face-to-face communication. The idea is to equip your clients with the tools to successfully navigate the registration process. Follow the steps below to successfully communicate 

  1. Make parents aware of the change in registration process.
  2. Use the communication template below to make clients aware of the knowledge base.
  3. Have your customer success representative upload your contacts which will trigger an email to your clients inviting them to create their Upper Hand account.

If you have any questions about this process or need any assistance in how best to communicate to your clients please reach out to

Communication Template

Use the communication template below to help you customize key points you should communicate to your clients prior to making the software switch.

Hello Everyone,

Some exciting news for (Insert Name of Academy), we are switching sports software platforms. All of our future trainings, lessons, clinics, teams and camps will be executed through the Upper Hand system. Later this week you will be receiving an invite to create your account.

Below are some support articles that are meant to be a step-by-step guide as you begin to familiarize yourself with the platform.

How do Profiles Work

How to Checkout if Not Registered From Shopping Cart

How to Schedule and Book Sessions When Checking Out

Upper Hand has an ever evolving help site and chat system that is designed to answer questions. You can access both chat and help articles at

For any assistance or questions please click the green “Help” button in the bottom hand corner while in the platform or reach out to The customer success team at Upper Hand will be happy to help!

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