1. Navigate to the admin view of the event.
  2. Click on the Profile of the athlete that you are wanting to delete the credit for. 

3. Click on the event tab underneath the name of the athlete.

4. Click on the event that you are wanting to delete the credit from.

5. Click the arrow to drop down and show all their scheduled lessons. This will also show if they have any unscheduled sessions, meaning they've purchased sessions, but haven't scheduled them yet. 

6. If they have any scheduled sessions you want to click the little trash can icon next to the specific date that you are wanting to unschedule and this will give the credit back to the client for them to reschedule. 

7. You then when to click the trashcan next to the Unscheduled Sessions and this will delete credits one by one. 

Need help deleting a credit from a client? Click the green button to email our Customer Success Team at support@getupperhand.com!

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