1. Navigate to list of your events. 
  2. Check the box next to the event you are wanting to get more information on, then in the upper right hand corner of the page click on the three dots where it says action.

3. In the drop down menu, click view. 

4. It will take you to a page that breaks down the event. 

5. The dollar amount that you see for Revenue is the amount that you will be receiving. This has already taken out the processing fee.

6. A list of everyone who has registered for the event will be shown, along with if they have paid or not. If you click on their name, a side bar will pop out on the right with all of their information and here you can also click Event to see what other events they are registered for. 

Tip: You can click on the blue transaction button and a side bar will pop out showing you how they paid.

7. You can use the link, shown above, to share the event with your clients so they can register online.

8. If you click on Marketing, you can market your event to different contact groups. This feature allows you to set a specific date and time for when you want that email to be sent out. 

9. If you click on Registrations, you are able to download a full roster of everyone that has registered for the event, along with their information.

Note: you are able to remove an athlete by clicking the three dots on the right hand side of the page and clicking remove in the drop down menu. 

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